Who Is Eligible for Respite?

Anyone caring for a family member, friend, or neighbor is eligible for respite. Some organizations provide respite for specific populations like children with disabilities or older adults with Alzheimer’s disease. However, every caregiver owes it to him or herself to seek out and accept respite.

Idaho State Information on Respite Providers or Programs

What services are available for Veterans?
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Caregiver Support Program
VA’s Caregiver Support Program was developed to support Caregivers of Veterans, our partners in ensuring the best care of Veterans. Our goal is to strengthen and support Caregivers in this role.

The Program offers a menu of services including on-line courses, telephone support and in-person and peer support.

Every VA Medical Center has a Caregiver Support Coordinator (CSC). This professional is your key to accessing this menu of services and more. Contact the CSC nearest you for more information about caregiving, connecting to resources within VA and your community, navigating the VA system and providing you support.
For more information contact your local Caregiver Support Coordinator:

208-422-1000 x 7438 or
208-422-1000 x 7364

VA Caregiver Support Line: 1-855-260-3274 toll free

Financial assistance for Veterans and dependents
The Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) offers possible financial benefits to veterans, his or her dependents, and for those caring for a veteran. The level of support varies depending on when, where and how the veteran served. To inquire about these benefits, contact the Idaho Division of Veteran Services at 208-780-1380.

In-home services for Veterans
The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) offers non-skilled services to eligible Veterans who are enrolled and actively utilizing healthcare at the Boise Veteran’s Administration Medical Center. To be offered in-home or non-institutional services, veterans must maintain a minimum of a yearly visit with a Primary Medical Provider with the VA or a Choice Provider. Veterans are screened for program eligibility. If eligible, respite care, home health aide, and/or Adult Day Health Care is offered and provided by specific agencies and/or facilities. Copayments for these services may be incurred. To inquire about these services, veterans should contact their team social worker, or contact 208-422-1360.