Additional Resources

Additional Resources

The Area Agencies on Aging provides respite vouchers for those caring for a loved one over the age of 60. To determine if you qualify, contact the Area Agency on Aging nearest you from the map on the ICOA website:

Advanced Care Planning 

No matter the age or stage advance care planning conversations should be taking place. Yet, it is not good enough just to have a conversation. Make sure the correct documentation is in place to help inform medical providers of what medical decisions you’d like made for you when you are unable to communicate. Honoring Choices Idaho has put advance care planning a top priority and made it a little easier to understand. Their website is


Access to affordable transportation is one of the biggest barriers preventing adults with disabilities from being able to go to accomplish daily tasks like going to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, etc. Resources vary by community, but here are a few:

Transportation – Ada County

Transportation – Veterans

Area Agencies on Aging in Idaho

The Area Agencies on Aging provide resources and referrals for caregivers of all ages and services for individuals over the age of 60. Contact your local AAA for referrals to agencies in your area that provide free or affordable transportation.

Centers for Independent Living

Transportation referrals may also be available through the various Centers for Independent Living (CILs).  For a complete list of CILs in Idaho, click here:


There are hundreds of books available on caregiving.  Here are a few tips to find the books that will best fit your family’s needs:

    • Visit your local library –  You can perform a search in the library’s database yourself, or you can  ask the librarian to help you.
    • Support Groups – If you participate in a support group, ask other members for referrals
    • AARP – AARP maintains a list of books to help family caregivers navigate a variety of caregiving concerns.  Visit–
    • Idaho has developed a comprehensive guide for caregivers in Idaho; A Resource Guide for Idaho Family Caregivers can be found on line at
    • Diagnosis Specific Websites –  Many websites, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, offer a list of helpful resources.
    • Talk to your friends, neighbors, church, and civic groups