9th Annual Idaho Family Caregiver Conference

Proposed Agenda as of November 1, 2019.

Check back to see if the agenda has changed, it is subject to evolve

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Registration and Resource Expo


Welcome: Power of Our Stories for Policy and System Change by Dr. Sarah Toevs, Boise State University


Keynote: Advocacy – How to Advocate Successfully and the Importance of Voice by Representative Melissa Wintrow


Break and Resource Expo


Voices of Experience Panel. Hear from caregivers who have learned their rights and know how to advocate for positive results. Panel: Raul Enriques, Area 3 Agency on Aging, Mike Hirschi, Area 5 Agency on Aging, and Britney Shiftley IPUL 


Break and Resource Expo


Breakout Session #1 (Choose One)

    1. Managing Meltdowns – non-restraint strategies including Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) -Angela Lindig, IPUL
    2. Caregiver Support -Bob Stephens, VP Family Caregiving AARP 
    3. Caregiving of Veterans. Veteran Benefit changes. Veteran support services for kids and adults -LuAnn Jensen, VA
    4. Navigation of Resources for Caregivers. Panel of people sharing how to navigate available resources -Idaho Families on Mental Health, Idaho Commission on Aging, Idaho Parents Unlimited, Community Health Workers


Lunch, Resource Expo, Networking -Chad Spears on piano.


Breakout Session #2 (Choose One)

    1. Nutrition for Health – Mimi Cunningham
    2. Guardianship, Conservatorship, SHIBA, Medicaid Basics -David Wilson
    3. Dual-eligible – Consumer Directed. MMCP -Ali Fernandez, Molina Healthcare, Blue Cross, Medicaid
    4. Power of A Personal Story: What is your story training by IPUL -Angela Lindig


Break and Resource Expo


Breakout Session #3 (Choose One)

    1. Mental Health Panel for Children and Adults -Maria Torres, David Welsh, Stephanie Hoffman
    2. Respite Options -Pam Oliason, Idaho Commission on Aging, Melissa Radloff Legacy Corps, Rick Vogal, Alzheimer’s Association
    3. Certified Family Homes Presentation Panel: Keeping up with rules and regulations, Basics of setting up a CFH, How to sustain the CFH -Steve Millward, CFH Operator
    4. Nutrition for Health – Mimi Cunningham




Caregiver Send off -Dwight Edwards