Uniquely Yours but Similar Enough

Long road traveled

As a caregiver you’ve faced several challenges that are uniquely yours. Although these challenges (both good and bad) are unique there are similarities to somone else’s caregiver situation. Sharing your story and opening your heart are two very generous gifts you can offer a fellow caregiver. 

Here is an Inspirational story of opening your heart but also of how one local individual took his situation and was able to improve upon it; helping others along the way. https://kurtkoontz.com/2019/06/25/humble-hero/

Start a Caring Collaborative your area

Starting a new social group can sound daunting but the rewards are priceless. Caring Collaborative Networks are popping up across the country. Social groups or caring collaboratives are a great way to learn and share with fellow caregivers; consequently providing a form of respite. The Transition Network has all the information you need to get started. So, what are you waiting for?

Here is a list of caregiving support groups in Idaho

Are you a military caregiver?

Military Caregiving Guide AARP
Military Caregiving Guide AARP

Every one of us will experience being a caregiver at some point in our lives. Likewise, some of us will have an opportunity to care for veteran and military service members. To improve your caregiving experience you should certainly have as many usible resources as possible. For instance, AARP has released a great resource, providing you:

      • information
      • glossary of terms to know
      • list of resources
      • checklists

Yes, this guide is geared for military caregivers however, the resources within it will serve a wide variety of caregivers and situations. Click on the following link, because you too deserve to be informed – Military Caregiving Guide (AARP

For this Father’s Day, have the conversation

Father & Child

Happy Father’s Day. Protecting your child(ren) is a responsibility that never goes away which is why having a conversation on advance care planning is so important. These conversations help your loved ones become aware of and understand your wishes. It will not alleviate all stress but can decrease the amount of stress experienced by not knowing what you treatment decisions you’d like made concerning your health and life.

Dr. Byock posted a blog on the topic for The Conversation Project website, here is the link A Matter of Heart…

For more local information on advance care planning check out Honoring Choices Idaho. Additional caregiver resources can be found at https://idahocaregiveralliance.com/index.php/additional-resources/.

Care Culture

Does your business or the company you work for have a care culture you can be proud of? Do you feel supported by your employer when it comes to having to tend to your caregiving responsibilities?

Here is a great report released by Harvard Business School https://www.hbs.edu/managing-the-future-of-work/Documents/The_Caring_Company.p https://www.hbs.edu/managing-the-future-of-work/Documents/The_Caring_Company.pdf df

What Matters to You?

June 6, 2019 is ‘What matters to you?’ Day. The aim of creating a day around this question is to help encourage the shift of conversation between patient and health care provider from what is wrong with you, to what matters to you. The intention of the question has since expanded to reach everyone you come in contact with. Taking the time to authentically ask “what matters to you” may provide you insights that you hadn’t otherwise been privy to.

For more information on What matters to You click on the following link What Matters.