Financial strategies for Caregivers

You understand what financial impacts are experienced while being a caregiver and rarely is there time to think about your financial future. This document, Financial Steps for Caregivers, can help you create strategies for your financial health. Although this booklet is geared towards women caregiving for older adults we are sure there is information that can be gleaned from it to help any caregiver.

Are employers seeing the light?

Frustrated adult

With the millennial generation taking on the role of caregiver, employers are faced with recognizing that paid family leave needs to extend beyond leave for new parents. This article, Paid Leave for Caregivers Being Used to Attract Millennials, brings up some great reasons why employers need to respond to this “growing segment of the workforce.” For the full article click on this link Paid Leave...

Sharing your caregiving story

If you want to share your experiences with caregiving and work, Joe Fuller would love to hear from you. Stories submitted will be shared anonymously on social media or will be used in the future as Professor Fuller and his team work to bring attention to this important issue. Submit stories to


Checking in with yourself

It’s hard enough to focus on your health when you have to just take care of yourself, but how can you possibly make time to do so when taking care of your caree (a person you provide care for)? Some ways suggested in an article published in 2016:
      • Eating a balanced diet – this can help not only with your nutrition but also with providing you with the healthy energy needed.
      • Getting rest – rest not only allows your body a time to recharge and face the day but it also provides your brain a time to process. Sleep, or a lack there of, impacts emotions, response to stressors, and clarity of mind/thought.
      • Exercise – Even if it is taking a short walk with your caree any movement is better than no movement. Exercise provides our body with energy, strength, and the ability to handle stress.
For more information and to read the full article click on the following link Caregiver Health.