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Are you a caregiver?

We want to know more about your story! If you are willing to share about your experiences as a caregiver, please reach out to the ICA and help us tell your story. Reach out by clicking this link which will direct you to a form to fill out, Caregiving Story Form.

Am I A Caregiver?

Do you fill your mother’s pill boxes and keep track of her medications?
Does your schedule revolve around your son’s doctor’s appointments?
Do you prepare meals for your dad?
Are you always on the hunt for accessible playgrounds for your daughter?
Do you handle your parent’s finances?
Do you take the garbage out for your elderly neighbor?
Do you make medical appointments for your husband?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, YOU are a caregiver!

Still not sure if you are a caregiver? Use our Caregiver Assessment Tool to find out:

Caregiver Assessment Tool